Beauty in Battle


You don't need to stop fighting - you need to start fighting ...the right way.

We're here to show you the way.

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Beauty in Battle


You don't need to stop fighting - you need to start fighting ...the right way.

We're here to show you the way.

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Learn how to stop fighting against each other in a personal war but alongside one another in a spiritual battle.

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Join us weekly as we dive into the core issues of marriage and discuss how you can learn to fight the right way.

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Jason and Tori Benham


Jason and Tori Benham have been married for more than twenty years, own several businesses together, and are passionate about helping couples thrive in marriage. Their family hit the public stage in 2014 when Jason and his twin brother, David, were fired by HGTV for their public stand on Biblical values. Many consider the Benhams to be the "OG of Cancel Culture." Since that time, the brothers travel the country encouraging believers to stand strong for their faith, whatever the cost.
Jason and Tori grew closer to each other as a result of this very public fight. Their book, Beauty in Battle, chronicles their story and the practical ways the conflict that could've torn them apart actually drew them together.

Jason holds a Master's Degree in Christian Counseling and Tori is a certified Emotional Intelligence and Enneagram coach. They live in Charlotte, NC along with their four kids. 

The Tools You Need

To Build A Successful Marriage

Beauty in Battle will help you learn:

  • The number one relationship killer and how to stay away from it.
  • How to combat negative thinking toward your spouse.
  • The one key that will magnetize you to your spouse and your spouse to you.
  • How to win your love back when “you’ve lost that lovin’ feeling.”
  • Why there was a wedding crasher at the first marriage in history and how he showed up at your wedding too.
  • Lots more!
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Why Beauty in Battle?

We have discovered in our relationship that beauty results when we choose to no longer fight against each other in a personal battle but alongside one another in a spiritual war.

The problem in marriage is that we often fight the wrong battle. We wage war against each other rather than the real enemy - Satan. Many of us are not even aware of his desire to take us down. So we end up as adversaries rather than allies. Somehow, we buy the lie that we are enemies-while the real enemy wreaks havoc on our relationship.

We know what this feels like. In our first year of marriage we discovered that the things we once liked about each other didn't seem so likeable anymore. And in the years that followed it was more of the same. Arguments and fights became commonplace. Little did we know that that was the plan of the enemy all along: to get us fighting face-to-face against each other rather than shoulder-to-shoulder against him. This relational pivot kept us in the same rut over and over.

But then God woke us up! He put us on a path to discover how to use our struggles to increase the strength of our marriage-how to turn the fight into something that drew us together rather than something that tore us apart. 

We learned that we didn't need to stop fighting; we needed to start fighting ...the right way. It isn't a physical fight, but a spiritual one. Waging war together in the spiritual has drawn us together in the natural. 

Like us, many couples need to wake up to the real battle. The only way to discover the beauty in your marriage is to first be willing to enter the battle for your marriage. Maybe you and your spouse have not yet learned how you can experience power and unity by waging war this way. But as you walk through these pages with us, we'll show you how we did it. We'll give you the practical steps we took to turn conflict and quarrels into passion and purpose.

That's why we have a heart to help couples. We want you to learn what we learned - how fighting together draws you together and how a battle-ready mindset can change everything in your relationship!


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The Story of Beauty in Battle