A 12-Part Course To Help You Thrive in Marriage


Learn how to turn conflict & quarrels into passion and purpose

A proven framework to help you connect relationally by fighting together spiritually


Our Bootcamp at a Glance...

Introduction: Understand The War 

Discover how and why your marriage is under attack.

Module One: Embrace Conflict  

Learn how fighting together draws you together

Module Two: Trust The Process  

Identify the three steps that lead to relational connection

Module Three:  Defend Your Authority

Gain the power to make your marriage strong

Module Four: Win The Battle 

Access the secret key to relational strength

Module Five: Know Your Enemy 

Recognize your adversary before he attacks

Module Six: Know His Attack Plan 

Understand the 3-step plan of attack against your marriage

Module Seven: Counter The Attack 

Defeat your enemy three simple steps

Module Eight: See Your Future 

Learn how to clarify and live out your marriage vision

Module Nine: Speak Life 

Discover three key declarations that empower your spouse 

Module Ten: Win The Heart 

Rekindle the romantic flame of your relationship

Module Eleven: Own Your Part 

Learn a practical way to manage conflict

Module Twelve: Practice Presence 

Discover how to magnetize your spouse to you

Here's What You'll Learn

  • How fighting together spiritually draws you together relationally
  • How to practically manage conflict for your relational benefit
  • A proven plan to rekindle your old romantic flame
  • How relational health is directly tied to individual health 
  • Biblical secrets to help your marriage thrive 

We're Jason and Tori Benham

We believe that marriage was created by God and is the foundation for a flourishing society. We also believe it's under attack like never before. But the very attack that's meant to tear you apart can be used to draw you together if you know how to fight it the right way. That's why we created this course - it will teach you the exact steps we took to turn conflict into connection and fall deeper in love at the same time. It worked for us - it will work for you!    


Beauty In Battle Marriage Bootcamp