Somebody Call 911

Do you remember where you were when 911 took place? We had only been married nine months, and the image of the weeks and months that followed etched in our memories forever. All of us as Americans felt so connected to each other, and for a brief moment in history, we put aside our differences and chose to fight alongside each other against an enemy who wanted to take us out. 

We saw firsthand how fighting together drew us together and knew from that moment forward the lessons we learned from that tragic day 20+ years ago can be applied to marriage. 

There's a very real battle going on in the world. It's a spiritual struggle between the forces of good and evil. And God has designed your marriage as a divine weapon for the fight! 

But Satan wants you to fight FACE TO FACE against each other rather than SHOULDER TO SHOULDER against him. Why? Because he knows that's the only way he can win. 

The beauty of marriage is discovered when a couple chooses to no longer fight AGAINST each other in a personal war but rather ALONGSIDE one another in the spiritual battle.